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How to get a Student Discount on Your Next Flight?


How To Get a Student Discount on Your Next Flight?

With an increasing number of students attending college in a section of the country far from where they were reared, education and travel are regularly interwoven in many ways. Many students prefer to attend colleges overseas, where they may learn new languages and get immersed in different cultures while exploring their future alternatives.

Airlines recognize that high ticket prices are inconvenient for students. Thus, they offer these fantastic bargains in order to give you low-cost flying travel without sacrificing your enjoyment. With the growth of technology, the online booking procedure has become simple for students. However, before applying for student discounts on any airline, it is necessary that you are aware of the terms put forth by the airline. This helps you to enjoy your journey in a pocket-friendly manner seamlessly.

Student Discount Policy of Airlines:

If you are a student wanting to fly with a specific airline, you should be aware of the unique student discounts that they provide. These kinds of deals enable you to travel from one area to another without breaking the budget. Furthermore, attaining these discounts is straightforward. To qualify for student discount airlines, you must be a full-time student with relevant student paperwork. Coupons and promo codes may be used to get even more deals.

  • Airlines offer students an additional 10% to 20% discount, depending on the destination.
  • Only if your institution or college is mentioned on the official website is the student discount accessible.
  • Students can apply for student discounts via the official website or customer service.
  • Students must produce proper identification, such as their school or college ID and the name of their college or university.

You may also save money by ordering tickets with student discounts at least ten months in advance.

The ways to avail student discounts in the airlines

Mode 1: Via Phone Call

The most common and convenient method is to dial the airline's Customer Service, where all you have to do is carefully listen to and follow the directions. Give your trip

details and documents for evidence once a representative has been linked to you. Before making the payment, you will be given a promo code by the airline.

Mode 2: Through the Official Website

Though it may appear difficult, acquiring a student discount through the official website is simple.

  • Navigate to the Airline's website and log in to your account. Sign in or create an account.
  • Book the tickets as you would normally. Fill out the required information and choose your flight and destination.
  • Now, if you are a student, provide all of your information and proof of enrollment.
  • Then, choose your preferred seat and press the continue button.
  • Your information will be verified when you submit it.
  • If the information is valid, you will be eligible for the discount code

Do airlines provide student discounts?

Yes, most airlines offer student discounts. However, the terms and circumstances of student discount rates vary amongst airlines. When you've found the route you want to take, think about which airline has the best airfare and then see if there are any further student discounts available.

Which airlines offer student flight discounts?

Some of these discounts need specialized use cases, strict criteria, and identification verification. If you check all the criteria, they may be the finest offer in the sky.

Student discount for United Airlines

United Airlines is one of the few North American carriers that offers a student discount worth considering. You'll need to download United's mobile app and sign in or establish a MileagePlus account. Make careful to enter your age accurately so that the "Discounted travel" option appears immediately.

Then, on the app, go to the book flight icon and pick "Young adult travel (ages 18-23)." These reductions apply to all United flights, from across a state to across the Pacific. However, it does not apply to premium economy tickets or Business or First Class flights.

Student discount for Air France

Air France claims to give a student discount with evidence of enrolment. All student tickets include two checked baggage, which is excellent if you plan a major relocation. Choose the option "Student (18-29 years)" on the airline's booking page.

Student discount for KLM Airlines

KLM, like its partner airline Air France, offers student discounts, but locating the lower flights might take time - if at all feasible!

If you're in the EU, go to their main website and enter "Youth (18-24)" in the passenger form. You will be given a refundable 'youth fare' that is the same as their usual fare. This offer excludes their lowest light food.

Student discount for Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa's student discount only applies to flights departing from the United States, although it provides significant deals on flights to Europe. You also receive booking flexibility and an additional checked bag, even on rates that wouldn't normally include one.

Click on their student deal website to look for flights. Even if there is no obvious indication on the site, the fares will automatically appear with reduced costs.

Student Discount for Turkish Airlines

You may save up to 10% on international flights and 20% on domestic flights inside Turkey, as well as free luggage and changes. Go to Turkish Airlines' student discount page, create an account, and verify your status before booking.


With the help of the above-detailed information, you will now be able to avail of student discounts on all the airlines that give formidable discounts without any hassle. However, If your college needs to be included in the drop-down option, call or email their customer service department.

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