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How do I get cheap flights to Hanoi?

People have always been fascinated by Asia's art, culture, history, and traditions. For years, tourists have been visiting to get a taste of local customs and the lifestyle of vibrant Asian culture. Hanoi is the center of art, music, and historical sites and offers a tapestry of experience to visitors. 

Tour a world opposite yours and experience a new culture, lifestyle, and breathtaking Asian historical monuments. The best part is that Hanoi offers all these and a once-in-a-lifetime experience within half your calculated budget. So, do not wait too long to miss your favorite flight deals

How can I find cheap flights to Hanoi? 

People believe they will have to spend a portion of their budget if they take an air route. This is true to some extent, but if you are to cancel your plan because of the high prices of the flight tickets. Then wait! Some amazing hacks can get you cheap flights to Hanoi. Continue to read and give yourself some options to find the best available flight deals and make your journey affordable

  • Make your Booking in Advance
    Of the many available hacks, booking your flight in advance is the easiest and can be done by anyone. All you have to do is to be updated when the airline releases its  tickets in the market for the passengers. Be among the first to book your ticket and get the best rate.
  • Incognito Mode
    Hide your search history and previous booking from your ticket booking platform. Many passengers ignore this simple trick to get the best flight deals. It has been noticed that passengers who are booking their flight for the first time in a while tend to get a better flight deal than regular flyers. 
  • Price Alert
    Many Airlines and third parties like Lowtickets provide a special feature to set the price on the price bar you are willing to pay for your trip and leave their page. They will automatically notify you once the flight to your selected destination falls within the set range. Take advantage of this special feature and book your ticket on your terms. 
  • Search for Flights by Cities
    Avoid mentioning specific airports while searching for flights to those cities. Instead, use the names of the two cities you have to cover. This will give you a wide option of airports in the city and nearby, increasing your chances of getting cheap flights to Hanoi. Book your ticket from the airport, which offers the shortest route. The airports being near each other provides a better deal on reservations.
  • Be Flexible with the Date and Time
    If you are ready to be a little flexible with your dates and booking times, It will open the door to several flights offering you the rate you are looking for. Take advantage of the low-fare calendar and locate the cheapest date of the month for flight booking. Apart from this, consider taking a flight at night or on weekdays for a better price. 

How do I book cheap flights to Hanoi? 

Find the best flight deals and make a reservation at Lowtickets. With the simple and easy flight booking procedure, anyone can book their ticket at the preferred price. To get last-minute flight deals, get to the official web page of Lowtickets and follow the procedure described below: 

  • Navigate the “Book” option to reach the booking page. 
  • Now, start with the booking procedure by entering your destination as Hanoi and setting the departure point in the suggested box. 
  • Continue to add filters such as cabin class, journey type, and the number of passengers. 
  • Select their special features, like a low-fare calendar and flight ratings, to shorten your search results to the best of your preference. 
  • The next page will give you a number of flight options and the price. 
  • Select an airline and move next to select your preferred payment mode. 
  • Make the transaction, and you have successfully booked your ticket. 

By following this simple process, you can book your ticket. However, if you ever face any difficulty, do not hesitate to reach out to their customer agent and get cheap flights to Hanoi, as well as offers and discounts. Their agent will help you book your tickets on the phone and send the details to your registered email ID. 

What can I do in Hanoi? 

Old Quarter:
Hanoi's Old Quarter is packed with around 40 shops alongside the road and offers nearly all kinds of goods and services. Tourists must take a tour of this incredible market to find some of the amazing local products at a reasonable price. 

Lake of the Restored Sword: It is commonly known as Hoan Kiem Lake. You can come here for a picnic with green grasses, flowers, and rare turtle species. Enjoy the water-gazing in the park, sightseeing opportunities, and multiple shopping opportunities. Remember to take a ticket at the gate so no one stops you from entering a new world of amusement. 

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology: Vietnam has preserved its history well and showcased it to the world. This museum has kept the footprints of its ancestors. Its mission is to undergo detailed research, documentation, and collection of the patrimony of different ethnic groups. Visit the museum to get an idea of Vietnam's diverse culture, customs, and traditions of several ethnicities all in one place to explore this one more special feature of Asian culture. 

Do not wait too long to miss out on your favorite deals. Go to Lowtickets' official web page and compare prices to get Cheap Flights to Hanoi at the best available rate. Step out to reach this amazing destination and explore these fantastic places

Frequently Asked Questions ?

What is the name of the airport in Hanoi?

Noi Bai International Airport is the major airport in Hanoi. 

How far is the airport from the main city?


The airport is situated at a distance of 28 km from the center of the city. 

How many airports are there in Hanoi?

There are four airports in total in Hanoi: Gia Lam Airport, Bach Mai Airport, Noi Bai Airport, and Hoa Lac Airport. 

What is the ticket price of Hanoi?

On average, flight tickets to Hanoi cost $450 for a one-way trip and $750 for a roundtrip. 

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