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How to Find Cheap Flights to Istanbul?

Are you planning a trip to Istanbul? Book your air ticket by using these smart and easy tricks to fetch a great discount. Regarding cheap flights to Istanbul, rely on lowtickets, a reliable flight service provider that provides inexpensive bookings. The city is the largest in Turkey. It has a rich history, culture, traditions, amazing landmarks, vibrant nightlife, and breathtaking views. Let’s look at this unique city that is admired for its charming nature and amazing atmosphere. 

What are the Most-Visited Places in Istanbul?

If you plan to visit IST, the travel destination will give you a mix of cultural heritage. You can consider these places without giving it a second thought. The amazing places to Istanbul are —

Hagia Sophia: Hagia Sophia was once the world's largest interior space in the 6th century. As a traveler, you can procure a personalized experience to explore the city’s top iconic attractions. Visitors must adhere to the dress code and can only enter outside prayer time.

Topkapi Palace: Topkapi was the seat of the Ottoman Empire for nearly four centuries, and it's the ultimate place to give way to any Middle Eastern royalty fantasies as you go through the opulent courtyards and pavilions. The palace has many museums, and you'll also find the Istanbul Archaeology Museum.  

Go Shopping in the Bazaars: The Grand Bazaar, a huge covered gallery built in the 15th century, is considered the oldest shopping center in the world. The charm stems from the fact that it is a working hub in the gold trading, antiques, and wholesale textile sections. Book your cheap flights to Istanbul today from lowtickets. Enjoy shopping in the nearby spice bazaar, but going for rugs or other tourist souvenirs is best. 

Sultanahmet Square: Due to its deep history, it once was a gathering place. Still, many visitors come to see it today. The serpent column, walled obelisk, and severe statues of Porphyrius were created to honor a famous charioteer from the 6th century. Also, the German fountain is worth visiting. 

Consider the above places if you are looking for other magnificent places to stroll. Lowtickets is a third-party trip service provider where you can find cheap flight deals to Istanbul, as inexpensive air tickets are usually high. Paying that high amount is not easy for everyone. 

How to Get Cheap Flight Tickets to Istanbul?

After learning the smart hacks for booking inexpensive tickets, it will be easy for you to reserve inexpensive flights. The smart hacks to reserve air tickets are —

Prior Booking: Booking three months in advance is a prudent approach that allows a passenger to reserve a flight at low prices. If you make a reservation at least three months before the aircraft departure, you can avoid booking near departure, which may cost you more.

Low-fare Calendar: A passenger can book a ticket at a low fare using a low-fare calendar. The tool is effective in planning a reservation for the passengers. As they can see, the price of the flight throughout the month. They can dive into the deal whenever they find an inexpensive air ticket. 

Flexibility: A passenger can book a cheap air ticket when adapting to the travel dates. The price of the booking may not remain the same throughout the period. It may vary. When a travel date is not an issue, you can book the reservation anytime whenever you find the prices low. 

Travel on Weekdays: Consider traveling on weekdays rather than weekends. Passengers traveling on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday tend to get cheap flights to Istanbul as most people are engaged at work. On weekends, the aircraft prices are usually up. Also, there is a rush at the airport. If you are considering reserving an inexpensive flight, you should book during weekdays rather than weekends. So, what are you waiting for? Reserve your booking today. 

Subscribe to Airline Newsletter: When a traveler subscribes to the airline’s newsletter, they will get a periodic alert. They need not put effort into daily searches. Through mail, a traveler learns about the deal, and based on that, they can make a plan accordingly. 

Go Incognito: The prices of air tickets fluctuate if you do a normal web search. However, if you do the same in incognito or private mode, you can find the prices accurate and get cheap flight deals to Istanbul. So, what are you waiting for? Book your air ticket today!

Welcome Bonus: A passenger searches the airline online and goes to the airline's official page. They can get a welcome bonus when signing up for the page. The passenger can redeem this bonus while making a payment. 

Social Media Posts: How do travel-savvy people fetch a great deal? They don’t do different things, but they do things differently. Social media is influencing the whole world, and there might be anything left to be influenced by social media. Travelers sign up for the airline's page on every social media platform, making finding great deals and offers easy. 

By following the above steps, a passenger can book a cheap air ticket. Besides these, consider lowtickets. Once you've booked flights to Istanbul at inexpensive fares through lowtickets, you can rest assured that your booking process will be hassle-free, in addition to great offers.


Frequently Asked Questions ?

Which is the cheapest month to fly to IST?

The cheapest month to fly to IST is November to March.

How advance should I book a flight to IST?

2-3 months is recommended to book an aircraft.

How many airports are there in Istanbul?

There are three different airports: one on the Asian side, Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW), and two on the European side, Istanbul New Airport (IST) and Ataturk Airport (ISL). 

What is the main tourist airport in Turkey?

Istanbul Airport is the largest airport.

How far is IST airport from the city?

54 Kilometers

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