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Best Spots Across the US to Celebrate the 4th of July


5 best spots across the US to celebrate the 4th of July

Celebrate the birth of the United States of America. Many had to pay a price to bring this dream into reality. On the 4th of July, cities across the United States of America were decorated with lights, ornaments, and fireworks displays, complementing the parade to honor the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the liberty of the nation. The US was declared an independent nation with thirteen states in 1776. Here are five cities where you can feel the aroma of Liberty. 

Washington DC

What better place to celebrate Independence Day than the capital of the country, Washington,DC? Crowds are blocking the roads as everyone is excited to witness the parade at the capitol. Even those unable to present at the capitol stick around their TVs to contemplate the parade. This roaring, energetic, and magnificent show captivates millions each year. It is the perfect place to kick-start your festivities with circus acts, craftwork demos, and concerts. But wait! No independence is completed without the fireworks, so head to Lincoln Memorial, reflecting pool to enjoy the sights and sounds in the air. 


Nearly 250 years ago, many states scattered into parts came together with a dream of equality, prosperity, and development. Celebrate the history filled with victories, triumphs, and conflicts. Chicago is a city that has preserved the ideas and memories of their ancestors. Start your day with the Hyde Park parade; bring your favorite blanket and look for a picnic spot. After this, move to attend the Nasar Street race of high-speed cars. Sit on the patio and enjoy drinks with your friends. The city is situated on Michigan Lake, so rent a boat and escape the crowd. Cross the city's skyscrapers and look at different spots in the city celebrating liberty. Enjoy your cuisine and drinks on the ship.  

Los Angeles

Hotels are packed with visitors on the 4th of July. Thousands of people flock to Los Angeles to be a part of this historic moment. The city puts the flag out with live music and dance, and there is world cuisine to charge you up after the celebration. The party comes closer with spectacular fireworks. In Los Angeles,  Huntington Beach Pier is famous for its legendary celebration. Make sure to book in advance for this four-day package, which starts on the 30th of June and runs until the 4th of July until the fireworks display at 9 PM, or you may miss this experience.  


Philadelphia, the heart of the revolution and where it all started. On the 4th of July, 1776, the country bashed the umbrella of the British empire in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Every city has a unique feature and feeling; with Philadelphia, it’s an emotion attached to the people. Thousands of people participate at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, making it one of the largest free Independence Day celebrations in the country. Step inside the door, and the host does not charge. After the demonstration, visit the Wawa Welcome America, a huge outdoor concert. In the end, the participants will go through the journey of America from July 4th, 1776, to July 4th, 2024.  


A city of sands and crystal-clear water. What an amazing experience it would be to celebrate the most important day and festival of the country around the beaches. Whether you love to spend your day underneath the sun or come together with friends to fire up a barbeque, Miami is the perfect place. Hotels across Miami host lavish parties and fireworks. Light up the magic of Independence Day with live performances and concerts, and feel proud to be an American. 

Celebrate Independence Day around the world

Grab a bottle of beer and enjoy the fireworks on Independence Day. But what if you are not in America? There is no way you want to miss this most special day and festival of your country. Do not worry; here is a list of places around the world where you can play the drums on Independence Day:


On the 4th of July each year, Darling Harbour turns into an American Hotspot, and the skies of Australia light up with fireworks. A large population of Australian-Americans partakes in the commemorative occasion. DJs Spin favorite hits, and beer pong elicits the spirit of America. Whiskey tasting and outdoor games add joy to the festival. The feeling of patriotism arose with the dress code, including the colors of their national flag: red, blue, and white. Those who disobey the rule may have to pay a penalty. 

Paris, France

Lakhs of Americans have relocated to Paris, France, in search of better opportunities and jobs. Over the years, Paris has become a hotspot of US culture. Every 4th of July, the American Expat Community hosts a festival. The city's vibe matches American culture, featuring American dance, music, drinks, and food. The streets of the city are filled with the US flag and banner. Those looking for a venue to have a good time can move to Harry’s New York bar, which opened in 1911 and is a major hotspot for visitors and Americans. To make your day special, order the themed cocktails of the bar that are available and introduced especially to add the spirit of the 4th of July.


Make the most of your day with lights, music, dance, and concerts. Whether you are in the USA or anywhere else, you have plenty of options to celebrate the 4th of July. It took hours of filtration to create the list above. So sit back and consume the most of this filtration, as easy as reading a story.  

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