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How to get compensation for delayed flight?


Punctuality and success are the two sides of the same coin. Catch every important business meeting and deal by taking the air route for your travel. This will save you time and effort. But, if your flight is delayed, the airlines have guidelines to refund your money or arrange a different flight. This shows the airline's commitment to punctuality. Continue to read and learn your rights when your flight is delayed from the scheduled time.    

How can I apply for compensation for a delayed flight?  

The airlines try their best to make your travel trouble-free, on time and relaxed to enhance your experience with them. However, sometimes, your flight may run late from the scheduled time due to a technical error, weather conditions, or any other reason. If this happens to you, apply for flight delay compensation from the respective airline. If you are unaware of how to do this, just read the points below and get the step-by-step guidance:  

  • Move to the official web page of the respective airline.  
  • Scroll and reach the bottom of the page to find out the “Help Center” option.  
  • Find out the option of “Claim Compensation.” 
  • On the next page, you will get an online form.  
  • First, choose the ‘Flight delayed’ option to claim compensation. 
  • Proceed to fill out the form with the details of the passenger and the delayed flight.  
  • Attach the related documents, if you have any, and move on to the next.  
  • Submit the form and wait.  

The airline will first review your case and match it with its policies, whether you fall under its guidelines for compensation or not. If you qualify on their terms, they will initiate the compensation amount in your bank account.  

Sometimes, due to some technical error or server issue, you may not be able to apply for compensation through the airline's official website. Do not worry; there are several other options that a passenger can use.  


Alternative to the official website to apply for compensation 

Phone Call: If you are having any difficulty with the official website of the respective airline, directly reach out to the airline's representative for help. The agents are available 24/7 to help their passengers with the best possible solution for their queries. Here is what you need to do:  

  • Dial the official contact number of the airline and connect your call.  
  • After this, listen to the airline's IVR.  
  • Follow the IVR, locate your issue, and press the suggested key.  
  • An agent from the associated department will join you on the phone.  
  • Talk to the agent, discuss your concern about the flight delay, provide all the details of your ticket, and ask them to apply for compensation.  
  • The agent will note the details you shared and apply for compensation on your behalf.  

At the Airport: The passengers who are at the airport and find their flight is delayed by three or more hours then the scheduled time are suggested to reach out to the counter of the respective airline. Here, talk to the agent get your ticket canceled, and apply for compensation for the inconvenience. Now, that you are done on your part, the airline will initiate the compensation to your account after completing all the formalities.  


What are the policies for flight delay compensation?  

The airlines do not automatically provide compensation to passengers in case of flight delays. There are certain rules and guidelines that must be followed, and only if a passenger meets the airline's criteria for compensation will the airline initiate the process. To understand the airline's policies on flight delay compensation, please refer to the points below:  

  • If a flight is delayed by more than three hours, a passenger has the right to Flight cancellation and apply for a refund for the inconvenience they had to face.  
  • The flight must be at least three hours late for passengers to receive compensation or cancel for free. 
  • If you have booked a night flight and it is delayed, then it is the airline’s responsibility to facilitate you with food and accommodation for the time being the flight has not reached the airport.  
  • Once you have applied for compensation, it can take about 28 days for it to be reflected in your account.  
  • If the scheduled flight fails to arrive at the airport on time, the airline will arrange another flight on the same route. 

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How do I get a cheap flight? 

Flight tickets can be an expensive option. However, flying in the air with the best possible services and qualities is now cheaper with Low tickets. They compare the prices of several airlines and bring out the best flight deals to their customers. Use the tricks below to get a cheap flight:  

  • Book your flight in Advance: Flight tickets are cheaper initially, but once the seats start to fill, the price starts to rise. Thus, you are advised to be among the first to book your ticket to get the best flight deals.  

  • Compare Price: The airlines' prices fluctuate up and down on different dates based on the demand. Thus, before you book your flight, use the special feature, a low-fare calendar, and get the best price for the month.  
  • Price Alert: It can be difficult to compare prices for each airline individually and find cheap flight deals. Instead, set a price alert and exit the page. The airline will notify you once the price falls within your selected range. 


How Do I Check My Flight Reservation? 

Have you booked your flight but still not received the airline's confirmation mail? Do not worry; now you can check the live status of your booked ticket. The process is simple and short. Just follow the procedure below and get the live status of your flight:  

  • Go to the official website of the respective airline.  
  • Choose the “Manage My Booking” option.  
  • Enter your booking reference code and the passenger's last name and hit the get itinerary button.  
  • The live status of your ticket will flash on the screen.                                                                                       

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Is your flight delayed beyond the scheduled hour? To protect the interests of the passengers, there are clauses allowing them to apply for compensation if their flight is delayed. Refer to the texts above to learn your options and guidelines regarding delayed flights.   



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